Month: May 2020

Detailed introduction of the radio-controlled multi-band 6 Casio smart watch

Powerful and much advanced than the previous Multi-Band 5, Casio watches containing Multi-Band 6 comes with a sleek terrestrial radio signal reception from 6 unique channels. These stations are based in Europe, Japan, UK, North America, and China (which was not encouraged in Multi-Band 5). Unlike regular watches which need resetting, its precision is automatically corrected by this Casio smart watch in terms of date time, and sometimes even daylight saving period. As a result, your time accuracy is ensured irrespective of your existing region. The automatic synchronization takes place at least once through the nighttime whenever there is precision.
Some of the best Casio watches on this technology include Casio EQB-501DC-1AJF, LIW-M610TDS-1AJF,GST-W310BDD-1AJF, and OCW-S4000F-7AJF. Bluetooth-Controlled (Smartphone Connect ) Casio Smartwatch Provided that your smartphone is compatible, you can join it with the smartwatch. Undeniably, this would largely enhance the practical usability of the watch. You can permit the watch to choose the time information that is suitable and use it on the watch’s Home and World Time displays.
For optimal performance, a CASIO WATCH + phone program that guarantees precise UTC time information from Time Servers around the globe has been designed by Casio. You need to connect the program and Time Servers through a mobile data network or Wi-Fi before sharing the information with your Casio smartwatch via Bluetooth. This improves the performance of the timepiece and also enables the radio wave reception to cover around 300 cities.

Omega decided to completely renovate the original watch.

It has been more than two and a half decades as the traditional dial Omega Seamaster 300 had its launch. On its silver jubilee in 2018, Omega decided to introduce a complete improvement of the original watch. They found an wonderful range of 14 different models to select from. The fad of steel body design and gold, and oh was reintroduced via 8 of those watches. The watch is now 41mm out of 42mm and introduced with all the 1993 model. The Technical Part But the true fans of all Omega watches for men demand perfection.
The motion of the watch tops that list and Omega has introduced a brand new movement mechanism. The Master Chronometer Calibre 8800 movement is an in-house system that’s a complete game-changer. The greatest enemy of any watch is magnetic fields. ISO 764 needs all watches to have the ability to defy 60 Gauss of magnetic pull. The METAS certification acquired by Omega gives this watch a rating of 15,000 Gauss! That is FIFTEEN THOUSAND if your eyes don’t believe! It’s safe to state that an MRI scanner can be withstood by the watch, and probably deflect a laser beam too?
In words, the Omega Seamaster 300 is ready to go on your own wrist. Let this watch function as tool to take you places you are still wanting to be in. The question which remains is this; are YOU ready to accept your own destiny!

Rolex watches are extremely valuable items placed in the closet.

The Explorer II 216570 has a distinctive Rolex bracelet to ensure a comfortable and nice fit. It is durable and resistant to rust, such as seawater. This also aids the grow watch remain attached to a wrist without any opening. It also allows you to adjust the bracelet to fit perfectly, particularly during hot and diving seasons.
Every one of the two Rolex Explorer II versions has its very own brothers. With a white display, although both have the same functionality. The Rolex Explorer II 16570 has not been in production since 2011. Therefore, the marketplace offers new versions of this, unless they are counterfeit. That doesn’t mean it’s no more up for purchase. In reality, you are able to see authentic pre-owned versions in states at some trustable stores.
Unlike other luxury watches that tend to lose their value with time, Rolex watch prices have remained stable like a bottle of wine whose value grows with time. Therefore, the wrist watch is a valuable item. In the end, it can function as a resourceful investment whilst topping your flair.

Best MeisterSinger Metris Bronze Watch Review

EisterSinger built its brand on minimalist single-hand watches which encircle the extravagance of a moments, or even moments, hand — a signature design that produces these watches immediately identifiable. It is definitely not the only new to create one-handers, but MeisterSinger fully embraces the ethos of simplicity that comes from this single time-telling hand. Although you’ll discover additional complications, such as moon period, astroscope day index (!) , and electronic jumping hours at the catalogue, MeisterSinger’s calling card is that unmistakeable needle-point hand. The MeisterSinger Metris Bronze, examined here, has just been in the lineup for two or three decades, but since its launch, I have been eying this up young, sporty spin on MeisterSinger’s classic layout, anxious to give it a twist on the wrist. In the event you explained the watch to me personally, I’d be confused, to put it somewhat. OK, if I am being honest, I would say it seemed like a dreadful hodgepodge of design components that could not possibly work together, that goes on to show why I write concerning watches instead of design them! In a fair world, this opinion should not have seen the light of day, but I am so glad it did since the end result is completely charming to check at and a joy to wear.


Meistersinger made the Metris line across a 38mm cushion situation with brief 45mm lugs plus a slender 10.3millimeter instance elevation. Those measurements make it readily wearable for a wide assortment of wrists, and also the brief lugs are particularly welcome for those people with small wrists (mine is 6.75″). On paper, the measurements are superb, and fortunately that translates to a very comfortable wearing experience. For me personally, the dimensions and form of this case made for a superb match, along with also the bronze case with stainless steel caseback keeps lots of heft, therefore the Metris feels strong and reassuring about the wrist. Meistersinger does not define the precise alloy of bronze used in its own instances, but the red copper in the metal beams brightly from this box, so I would suppose CuSn8. Since I have just spent several weeks for this view, a patina has just now started to develop. But give it a month or two along with also the thin layer of rust that forms on the surface of the bronze will create a exceptional patina with loads of personality. Nevertheless, if you would rather glistening, becoming bronze back to the initial condition just takes a little lemon juice, baking soda, and elbow grease. Or you may go another way and also accelerate the oxidation process and make a greatly oxidized brown and green watch which appears more akin to an artifact salvaged from a shipwreck (maybe not for me, thank you ). I, for one, love the organic light patina that creates through sporting the watch daily.
One reason that the bronze instance works so nicely on this particular watch is a result of the curves, angles, faceting, and blend of polished and brushed surfaces that play with all the light in fascinating ways. I have always been a lover of pillow instances, as well as also the MeisterSinger Metris’ compact 38mm case dimension, alongside the sweeping lines in the mid-case into the lugs, tempers any hint of this being a bulky or unwieldy circumstance, which may occasionally occur with bigger cushion cases. At first glance, the crown guards might appear out of a peculiar element to contain, however they perfectly match the traces of this circumstance, along with a protruding crown by itself could have been jarring. Certainly, I am a fan of the circumstance. On the back part of this watch is a profoundly engraved stainless steel caseback. Nothing extravagant, but a fantastic alternative since stainless-steel will not turn your wrist .

The Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller is made of high-tech ceramic track rings and is scratch-resistant.

Like any other dive watch, the Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller includes a bezel. It’s made. As you would not need to worry about destroying it, this is useful during activities that are extreme. Aside from that, the bezel could be corrected in half-minute increments. Last, each turn of the bezel feels firm and exact. It’s a wonderful thing to have as it’d make it easier for you to measure the time.
DIAL The Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller appears similar to the Submariner as Stated above. Just cover the”Deepsea” printed on the dial and you would have a hard time distinguishing one from another. To a lot of people, this is a good thing because it sports a design that is versatile and classic. Is that it is blue. In the very top, it gives a navy blue hue . It gradually darkens until it becomes jet at the base as it goes down. This can be a nod as you go 14, to the sea becomes darker. What’s more, the term”Deepsea” that is published in the dial comes in a neon green colour. It’s the same color as Cameron’s underwater craft. The color improves readability as it makes it simple for you to read the print from the dark.
Photo from One of the features of a dive watch is the lume. For sailors that are serious, it is important to get a readable watch in dark conditions. Fortunately, the Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller could provide. The hour markers are implemented with Chromalight lume and big. Unlike the other versions that glow green of Rolex, a light is given by this one. According to the manufacturer, it may last up to eight hours which will be over twice the average time of luminescent materials. Moreover, lighting that is blue is the preferred colour for lume. According to water absorbs light better than light. Because of this, blue light is the easiest to see when you’re submerged in water.

The origin of the relationship between Rolex Ref series and Day-Date series watches.

Have a look and you’ll find the belong to the reference 18XX series, and the ref. 1803 especially. Released in 1959 and staying in production right up until 1977, it had been the third variant of the gold men watch, the first two premiered following the range’s introduction in 1956 in rapid succession. Measuring 36mm in diameter and throw out of 18k white, red, or yellow gold watch(and platinum quite sparingly), the ref. 1803 was fitted with a bezel and was driven by the Cal. 1555. Back in 1967, the movement shifted to the Cal. 1556, ostensibly identical but beating at a higher frequency vph within the previous vph. A hacking function has been added in 1972, stopping the seconds hand once the crown was pulled out to make setting the time easier.
Taken in the Cal, although the two calibers were excellent actors. 1500 series loved by all purists, neither had the mechanism that allows for adjusting the date independently of their hands, a Quickset function. That touch of convenience has been omitted, along with the sheer number of ref. 1803s made over the run that is near means that you could buy them with a 3 band cast in the same metal as the instance, the eponymous President bracelet . This is an incredible amount for an important part of the Rolex story. It was the ref. 1803 that got the Day-Date its unofficial’President’ nickname, even when the watch was photographed on the wrist of Lyndon B. Johnson in 1965. It was the reference that introduced the Crownclasp on the bracelet around the end of the 1960s.
But although there are plenty of classic details if you know where to look (pie-pan dialup, acrylic crystal, hollow bracelet links) that the ref. 1803 has aged beautifully. Moreover, the mechanically easy motions have proved themselves to be one of the Rolex has ever made. As a contender for the best worth Day-Date, the ref. 1803 is a definite frontrunner.

Kari Voutilainen Will Present the Voutilainen 28ti (Titanium Inverse) at WatchTime New York

If you look too quickly at the most recent launch from Kari Voutilainen, you might be duped into thinking its an entirely new timepiece for the Finnish watch making maestro. Considering that the name 28ti, the watch features a brand new execution for Voutilainen, nevertheless it ought to feel quite familiar for the Kari faithful. If you haven’t guessed yet, that’s because much of the watch’s movement — which is visible from the dial side, a first for Voutilainen — is taken from the Vingt-8 construction that is readily distinguishable as a result of extra-large balance wheel located from the 28ti’s top-left corner.
Voutilainen watch
The Vingt-8 is likely the Voutilainen timepiece and has been a part of the watchmaker’s catalog since 2011. When it was released eight years back, it was the Voutilainen watch developed to be fully designed and produced. For your 28ti, instead of feature a dial created at Comblémine, Voutilainen’s industry-renowned dial up workshop, the watch subverts your expectations by embracing the movement structure on the front. The watch is rather legible at a glance despite the movement having literally been flipped from the inside out. Running across the periphery of this men watch is an minute and hour track, and also the Breguet-style hands of the watch are consistent with all iterations. On the caseback of the watch, Voutilainen has shifted expectations due to the presence of a running seconds display and a power reserve indicator that shows off the 65 hours of conducting autonomy of the model. This arrangement is entirely fresh for Voutilainen; when letting the center timekeeping works stay in center on the dial side for collectors, it delivers some performance that is hidden.
The Voutilainen 28ti. The above balance wheel allows a strict set of tolerances for precise regulation of this watch. He had been the first to utilize a exceptional type of balance spring which has a Phillips overcoil on the exterior of also the common internal Grossmann curve along with the spring, when Voutilainen unveiled the Vingt-8 movement structure in 2011. It had to be reconstructed for use from the 28ti while the grade inside the Vingt-8 is used as a base. Additionally, Voutilainen and his staff have implemented a unique escapement wheel configuration which provides an immediate impulse to the balance through an impulse roller/jewel. Energy efficiency when is increased compared to a Swiss Lever Escapement. According Voutilainen, the Vingt-8 and its succeeding iterations were the very first timepieces to use a configuration.
One of the positives of the dial orientation is that it allows for the thickness of their motion architecture and, what’s more, Voutilainen hand finishing to be on full screen. The pinions and wheels’ surfaces are flat and polished to within uniform tolerances. All finishing work on the major plate and bridges, both made of Silver, are by hand to achieve the highest possible levels of surface finish. The screws and all steel components are polished by hand and finished. The titanium case is created by the workshop which Voutilainen helped establish, Voutilainen & Cattin. On the wrist with the Voutilainen 28ti. While the 28ti provides the opportunity to do in the canon of Voutilainen to those who have always wished to put Voutilainen’s gorgeous movements front and center, the 28ti is a view to pin down. Feedback for the opinion through Baselworld this season was exceedingly optimistic, but it’s going to be interesting to understand the way the watch performs over the long haul. I can easily imagine this view turning into a cult favorite for longtime followers of his group and Kari it’s a timepiece that’s not likely to be the first Voutilainen of someone. This model eschews that variable in favor of displaying Voutilainen and his team’s immense talent in motion style and finishing despite dial work being one of the features for a Voutilainen timepiece. The Voutilainen 28ti is limited to eight total pieces in ceramic.

Brand Showcase: Blancpain Watch

If you have been surfing the Blancpain watch set for a little while but you are torn between which lookout to really go for, you will discover this run-of-the-mill of this organization’s distinct collection for a very helpful guide. Artists and proficient developers working in the organization’s watch production centers in Switzerland, are devoted to producing timepieces which does not just guarantee to last an whole life on the wrist, but also communicate the essence of what Blancpain are all about as a innovator. Blancpain watches for men are made in precisely the exact same fashion as women Blancpain watches This devoted approach to see manufacturer makes sure that their women versions are by no way inferior to the gentleman’s variety, equipping girls all around the world including all the very same luxuries as man connoisseurs can expect from the new – since women like to amass standard wristwatches too! The Vallee p Joux-based manufacturing centers where all of Blancpain watches are made, is the core of traditional haute horology, in which time-honoured approaches are tightly guarded, together with the organization’s top secrets in real watchmaking. Innovation has become their heritage an environment in which ideas are appreciated by everybody with an input and also a part to play at the watchmaking procedure. Making fresh watches and producing new features that are unparalleled within the watch world, comes as second nature to the new. This makes them stand out as a business that like breaking the bounds rather than after what other top producers do at the moment. Should Blancpain want to make something conventional and create an already-popular layout, that is what they will do. If they wish to go all-out to a modern design that violates the principles of modern-day watch sporting — so will be it. Their in-house strategy to creating every single watch element themselves enables then this flexibility. But there’s something awe-inspiring and exceptionally timid about sporting a timepiece out of this history-rich collection. Perhaps it’s that the 60 year-old porthole-inspired style that harks back to a time when Mick’s and explorers have been in dire need of a timepiece that may provide exact time ? The porthole motivated bezel surrounding a dial up with different hour markers and observable hands, opened the horizons of underwater exploration for several water fans in addition to military personnel in the Navy. Whilst one of the latest Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Blancpain watches looks in a slick black ceramic case, additional designs are made from solid canvas or NATO design straps and finished with a metal cushioned buckle for fastening firmly to the wrist. When Robert Maloubier and Claude Riffaud, two French battle sailors, took especially strong watches for timing dives and digging underwater, their demands were replied by Blancpain who made the initial Fifty Fathoms watch with a bezel that may just be turned clockwise. This specialty enhanced diver safety ensuring remaining diving time may only ever be decreased rather than improved down at adventurous depths together with all the sea-friendly companion strapped to the wrist. The 1953 first case quantified a 42mm diameter. Now Blancpain Fifty Fathoms watches length between 38mm and 45mm — allowing wrists with wider widths or slender contours to take pleasure in the timepiece in only the exact same manner. These elegant, lively and powerful timekeeping tools include a selection of high-quality materials such as anti reflective and scratch resistant sapphire glass lenses to help seal at an impressive 300 meter water resistance, together with advanced attributes on the dial such as full calendars, moonphases and chronographs. Blancpain specialists equip their Fifty Fathoms watches using dependable engines such as the calibre F385 automated flyback chronograph movement capable of a 50 hour power reserve and also the Caliber 6654. No more bonafide watch collector may speak about Blancpain watches without even mentioning the ever-classic and technically-sophisticated Villeret view assortment. All these timepieces were created especially for people who have a passion for practical designs and a taste for the finer things in life. Villeret is the village of Blancpain’s arrival, so it came as no surprise to collectors once the manufacturer wished to make a line of tasteful wristwatches in ode for the gorgeous place in Switzerland. Embodying essential watchmaking values, these tasteful companies for the wrist attracted a modern element to timekeeping, because of an innovative mix of substances. A few of the recent Villeret versions from Blancpain have observed the inclusion of dials in grand feu tooth and serpentine hands in blued steel to the calendar sign. Basically thoughthese timepieces are primarily portrayed by their own 18ct gold instances with moonphase screens on a silvered guilloche textured dial, or their solid stainless steel cases — the feminine versions of that are occasionally adorned with a showering of scintillating diamonds around the bezel. Blancpain prefer to equip these distinctive wristwatches in the Villeret set with genuine supple leather rings however some do comprise a complex link bracelet, particularly those crafted out of 18ct rose gold. Correctors under the horns, shielded calendars & moon-phase mechanics, and technically-refined power bookings reflect the Villeret collection. Blancpain’s watches Blancpain study in motion production has allowed the company to enhance the operation of the delicate mechanics, in addition to the flow of this watch on a visual level. The group’s complications will interest luxury watch fans all around the world — the lineup that comprises over 100 versions of that is still growing to this day.

About Longines HydroConquest series

Longines are known for creating quality timepieces for every occasion. There are five main categories across their range which are Elegance, Classic, Watchmaking Tradition, Sport and Heritage. Today, we are taking a closer look at the HydroConquest collection by Longines which falls under their sport collection. The HydroConquest collection, originally launched in 2007, comes with all the aesthetic features of a real diving watch. The line was developed as part of their sport range, continuing the brands aptitude for creating watches for extreme sports.
Core Features of the HydroConquest range: Water Resistance up to 300m (30 bar) Unidirectional Rotating Bezel Screw down case back and crown Crown Protection Double security folding clasp with integrated diving extension. With a range of other features and complications tailored to each model, the HydroConquest collection already comes with options. Longines have recently added another variation: Green men watches, specifically, green dials have taken off this year with many of the biggest brands jumping on the trend within the market. Longines unveiled three new green models back in February, here is a closer look at the stainless steel model.
Longines Hydroconquest 43mm | Green Dial | Stainless Steel This striking green divers watch comes with self winding mechanical movement beating at 25’200 vibrations per hour and providing 64 hours of power reserve. It has an exclusive Longines caliber of L888 and features hours, seconds, minutes and date. This model is now available to purchase on our website. Longines | Hydroconquest | 41mm Case | Blue Dial | Swiss Quartz If you are familiar with Longines then you may already know that the brand strive for 80% mechanical movement and 20% quartz which also applies to their HydroConquest range. The swiss quartz watch model comes in a deep blue to match the hues of the open ocean. The caliber of this quartz model is L157 and it displays hours, seconds, minutes and date.  
  Longines | HydroConquest Ceramic | Men’s 43mm | Swiss Automatic The final variation within the HydroConquest collection by Longines is the chronograph which is only on a few of the models. Each chronograph timepiece is fitted with a column wheel chronograph for smooth operation of the watch and secured with a screw-down case back. It comes with a self winding mechanical movement beating at 28’800 vibrations per hour, providing 54 hours of power reserve and a caliber of L688. What are your thoughts on the HydroConquest Collection by Longines? Let us know in the comments below!

The quartz watch in this review is called “TwentySeventeen light fashion quartz watch”

The quartz watch in this review is called “TwentySeventeen Light Fashion Quartz Watch”, and currently has three styles: elegant black, beautiful silver, and technology black. (Hereinafter referred to as: light fashion quartz watch)
Now I am showing you elegant black and beautiful silver style! In terms of the factory standard, in addition to the watch, there is also a description card (warranty card), but I will not show it in detail here. The light and stylish quartz watch is positioned as “a unique fashion item”, not a smart watch, but a fashion item! The whole watch adopts the “two-pin simple and unprinted design”, which gives a simple and pure feeling. I personally like this “unprinted design”. I don’t know what you think?
The hand strap of the light and stylish mens quartz watch is also equipped with a “luminescent luminous coating”, that is, you can see the hand clearly when there is no light at night! In addition, the light fashion quartz watch also has the characteristics of “30 meters of life waterproof”. The waterproof level of 3ATM ensures that it is used in daily life scenarios such as hand washing and face washing. The case of the light fashion quartz watch is made of “316L steel”, and “mechanical brushed surface texture” is also applied. According to official information, the use of such a texture design is to present the original and true side of steel.