How to tell whether the watch is genuine or high imitation?

There are a lot of high imitation mens skeleton watches now, and good high imitation watches are almost the same as genuine watches. At least people who don’t know much about watches will certainly not be able to distinguish them. It’s so good, but its price is a fraction of the price of a genuine watch, or even a tenth. For us novices, it is not so easy to buy a watch.


If you want to buy a genuine watch, you must buy it in a regular watch store, otherwise you will be pitted. The following editor will tell you how to identify whether the watch is genuine or high imitation. Looking at the movement, the identification of the movement should be based on a very familiar with the movement model and movement logo used by the real watch.

For example, a skeleton sports watch, you should carefully observe the movement, the real watch carving is clear and beautiful, the fake watch is rough and simple. Finally, a thorough understanding of the performance of the movement, such as the winding method and the sound of the movement, will help you to add points to the recognition.