What are the differences between watch materials?

The strap made of metal exudes a dazzling luster, and it is worn on the wrist to give a very high-level feeling, which can create the charm of your gentleman. Thanks to the durability of the metal material, the mechanical mens sports watches of this strap generally have a relatively long life cycle, which is more convenient to clean up. However, the metal watch strap has a relatively big disadvantage, that is, it is easy to wear the wrist when wearing it. In addition, if the metal strap is in contact with the skin for a long time, the sweat oozing from the skin will make the strap tarnish and even rust.
Compared with metal materials, leather straps have better skin-friendly and more comfortable to wear on the wrist. The surface of the leather strap has a certain gloss and texture, and it looks very textured. Its raw materials can be divided into two kinds of artificial leather and genuine leather, artificial leather is more environmentally friendly, and genuine leather is more durable. The disadvantages of leather straps should not be ignored. Compared with metal materials, leather straps are prone to wear and breakage. Moreover, if this strap is not dried in time after being wetted with water, it will be moldy or aging.
In recent years, as young people’s enthusiasm for mechanical watches has gradually increased, canvas straps have become particularly popular. Compared with metal and leather, canvas has a higher plasticity in the process of making straps. By adding color contrast, embroidery and other designs, the whole sports mens watch looks more personal. Although the canvas strap has good comfort and breathability when worn, it also has corresponding shortcomings-canvas often appears to be fluffed or stained by sweat and stains, so care should be taken to maintain and maintain certain cleaning frequency.