The quartz watch in this review is called “TwentySeventeen light fashion quartz watch”

The quartz watch in this review is called “TwentySeventeen Light Fashion Quartz Watch”, and currently has three styles: elegant black, beautiful silver, and technology black. (Hereinafter referred to as: light fashion quartz watch)
Now I am showing you elegant black and beautiful silver style! In terms of the factory standard, in addition to the watch, there is also a description card (warranty card), but I will not show it in detail here. The light and stylish quartz watch is positioned as “a unique fashion item”, not a smart watch, but a fashion item! The whole watch adopts the “two-pin simple and unprinted design”, which gives a simple and pure feeling. I personally like this “unprinted design”. I don’t know what you think?
The hand strap of the light and stylish mens quartz watch is also equipped with a “luminescent luminous coating”, that is, you can see the hand clearly when there is no light at night! In addition, the light fashion quartz watch also has the characteristics of “30 meters of life waterproof”. The waterproof level of 3ATM ensures that it is used in daily life scenarios such as hand washing and face washing. The case of the light fashion quartz watch is made of “316L steel”, and “mechanical brushed surface texture” is also applied. According to official information, the use of such a texture design is to present the original and true side of steel.