Kari Voutilainen Will Present the Voutilainen 28ti (Titanium Inverse) at WatchTime New York

If you look too quickly at the most recent launch from Kari Voutilainen, you might be duped into thinking its an entirely new timepiece for the Finnish watch making maestro. Considering that the name 28ti, the watch features a brand new execution for Voutilainen, nevertheless it ought to feel quite familiar for the Kari faithful. If you haven’t guessed yet, that’s because much of the watch’s movement — which is visible from the dial side, a first for Voutilainen — is taken from the Vingt-8 construction that is readily distinguishable as a result of extra-large balance wheel located from the 28ti’s top-left corner.
Voutilainen watch
The Vingt-8 is likely the Voutilainen timepiece and has been a part of the watchmaker’s catalog since 2011. When it was released eight years back, it was the Voutilainen watch developed to be fully designed and produced. For your 28ti, instead of feature a dial created at Comblémine, Voutilainen’s industry-renowned dial up workshop, the watch subverts your expectations by embracing the movement structure on the front. The watch is rather legible at a glance despite the movement having literally been flipped from the inside out. Running across the periphery of this men watch is an minute and hour track, and also the Breguet-style hands of the watch are consistent with all iterations. On the caseback of the watch, Voutilainen has shifted expectations due to the presence of a running seconds display and a power reserve indicator that shows off the 65 hours of conducting autonomy of the model. This arrangement is entirely fresh for Voutilainen; when letting the center timekeeping works stay in center on the dial side for collectors, it delivers some performance that is hidden.
The Voutilainen 28ti. The above balance wheel allows a strict set of tolerances for precise regulation of this watch. He had been the first to utilize a exceptional type of balance spring which has a Phillips overcoil on the exterior of also the common internal Grossmann curve along with the spring, when Voutilainen unveiled the Vingt-8 movement structure in 2011. It had to be reconstructed for use from the 28ti while the grade inside the Vingt-8 is used as a base. Additionally, Voutilainen and his staff have implemented a unique escapement wheel configuration which provides an immediate impulse to the balance through an impulse roller/jewel. Energy efficiency when is increased compared to a Swiss Lever Escapement. According Voutilainen, the Vingt-8 and its succeeding iterations were the very first timepieces to use a configuration.
One of the positives of the dial orientation is that it allows for the thickness of their motion architecture and, what’s more, Voutilainen hand finishing to be on full screen. The pinions and wheels’ surfaces are flat and polished to within uniform tolerances. All finishing work on the major plate and bridges, both made of Silver, are by hand to achieve the highest possible levels of surface finish. The screws and all steel components are polished by hand and finished. The titanium case is created by the workshop which Voutilainen helped establish, Voutilainen & Cattin. On the wrist with the Voutilainen 28ti. While the 28ti provides the opportunity to do in the canon of Voutilainen to those who have always wished to put Voutilainen’s gorgeous movements front and center, the 28ti is a view to pin down. Feedback for the opinion through Baselworld this season was exceedingly optimistic, but it’s going to be interesting to understand the way the watch performs over the long haul. I can easily imagine this view turning into a cult favorite for longtime followers of his group and Kari it’s a timepiece that’s not likely to be the first Voutilainen of someone. This model eschews that variable in favor of displaying Voutilainen and his team’s immense talent in motion style and finishing despite dial work being one of the features for a Voutilainen timepiece. The Voutilainen 28ti is limited to eight total pieces in ceramic.