Best MeisterSinger Metris Bronze Watch Review

EisterSinger built its brand on minimalist single-hand watches which encircle the extravagance of a moments, or even moments, hand — a signature design that produces these watches immediately identifiable. It is definitely not the only new to create one-handers, but MeisterSinger fully embraces the ethos of simplicity that comes from this single time-telling hand. Although you’ll discover additional complications, such as moon period, astroscope day index (!) , and electronic jumping hours at the catalogue, MeisterSinger’s calling card is that unmistakeable needle-point hand. The MeisterSinger Metris Bronze, examined here, has just been in the lineup for two or three decades, but since its launch, I have been eying this up young, sporty spin on MeisterSinger’s classic layout, anxious to give it a twist on the wrist. In the event you explained the watch to me personally, I’d be confused, to put it somewhat. OK, if I am being honest, I would say it seemed like a dreadful hodgepodge of design components that could not possibly work together, that goes on to show why I write concerning watches instead of design them! In a fair world, this opinion should not have seen the light of day, but I am so glad it did since the end result is completely charming to check at and a joy to wear.


Meistersinger made the Metris line across a 38mm cushion situation with brief 45mm lugs plus a slender 10.3millimeter instance elevation. Those measurements make it readily wearable for a wide assortment of wrists, and also the brief lugs are particularly welcome for those people with small wrists (mine is 6.75″). On paper, the measurements are superb, and fortunately that translates to a very comfortable wearing experience. For me personally, the dimensions and form of this case made for a superb match, along with also the bronze case with stainless steel caseback keeps lots of heft, therefore the Metris feels strong and reassuring about the wrist. Meistersinger does not define the precise alloy of bronze used in its own instances, but the red copper in the metal beams brightly from this box, so I would suppose CuSn8. Since I have just spent several weeks for this view, a patina has just now started to develop. But give it a month or two along with also the thin layer of rust that forms on the surface of the bronze will create a exceptional patina with loads of personality. Nevertheless, if you would rather glistening, becoming bronze back to the initial condition just takes a little lemon juice, baking soda, and elbow grease. Or you may go another way and also accelerate the oxidation process and make a greatly oxidized brown and green watch which appears more akin to an artifact salvaged from a shipwreck (maybe not for me, thank you ). I, for one, love the organic light patina that creates through sporting the watch daily.
One reason that the bronze instance works so nicely on this particular watch is a result of the curves, angles, faceting, and blend of polished and brushed surfaces that play with all the light in fascinating ways. I have always been a lover of pillow instances, as well as also the MeisterSinger Metris’ compact 38mm case dimension, alongside the sweeping lines in the mid-case into the lugs, tempers any hint of this being a bulky or unwieldy circumstance, which may occasionally occur with bigger cushion cases. At first glance, the crown guards might appear out of a peculiar element to contain, however they perfectly match the traces of this circumstance, along with a protruding crown by itself could have been jarring. Certainly, I am a fan of the circumstance. On the back part of this watch is a profoundly engraved stainless steel caseback. Nothing extravagant, but a fantastic alternative since stainless-steel will not turn your wrist .