As expected of your Athens silicon material can be used as a disk?

Last time we recommend Omega Constellation Zunba Watch ,this time we recommend another watch.Many watch enthusiasts choose to check if the watch models they are using have silicon material. This is because it is light, antimagnetic and shock-proof, as well as having low friction. Athens watches are synonymous with silicon material. Athens was the first to introduce silicon material into the watchmaking market. They also invest in research and development for new applications such as groundbreaking Use it as a board or diamond silicon crystal technology.

Ulysse Nadin mixes silicon chips with traditional fine-work inlays. This is a new approach to decoration technology. The dial of the FREAK X watch, which was released last year, is made from silicon. First, you will need to cut silicon wafers using a plasma accelerator. Then, you will need to assemble the silicon wafers. The silicon wafers are fragile and thin so skilled craftsmen are needed to stack them to make the final collage. pattern.

The Freak X watch has a silicon dial. The UN-230 movement acts as the dial. The Carrousel device at the central bridge rotates 1 revolution per hour to show the time. We can see the part with the silicon fine work inlaid on it. This is the disk surface. However, the movement splint will also rotate with the core’s movement, so the time will flow and turn.

The silicon disk Freak X is a combination of two Athens’ most skilled skills, silicon material craftsmanship and watch art craftsmanship. It allows you to feel the real thing after it has been seen, static or dynamic. The Fantastic series’ sci-fi and cool feel have been elevated once more by.

OBLVLO CM Series Steel Automatic Watches Mens Tourbillon Watches CM-TWY

The 42m size of the OBLVLO CM Series mens automatic watches can show off your style and personality. It does not have complicated functions or fancy features, so it is easy to attract admirers’ attention. The OBLVLO CM series watch’s bezel has a double-arched design. This allows for more delicate lines, making it perfect for thin wrists.

The case has an asteel bezel. It is finished with stick markers. The display is controlled via an OBLVLO 7500 Automatic Movement. The watch is secured by a stainless steel bracelet with deployment buckle. Waterproof up to 100 meters