Professional diving watch – watch the ocean universe Ultra Deep 6000 meters

Last time we recommend Tissot watch this time we recommend another watch.OMEGA launched a new watch this year: the Ocean Universe Ultra Deep 6000m professional diving watch. This watch is so small that it has become an “amazing” size for ordinary people. Its waterproof depth is astonishing at 6000 meters. While some will argue that it is difficult to use, others feel that it fills the gap left by professional divers watches. Let’s take a closer look at the titanium version of this watch.

This is mainly due to four core technologies. The first is the domed convex SAPPHIRE glass. It is inspired by the porthole in the diving cabin. The second is Omega’s unique sapphire gasket design. It ensures waterproof performance, ease of assembly, and meets the requirements of long-term saturation diving operations. The screw-in crown seals the watch better. The fourth component is how the case back and case are assembled. These four points guarantee the watch’s deep diving performance to a great extent. They also reduce the watch’s size, making it a civil professional diving watch that consumers can choose.

There are many color options for the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 6000m. There is one titanium case among them. It is the black dial. The second hand is a gradient from blue to white.

The overall color match is harmonious. The watch’s bright accent is the white luminous coating. This watch is suitable for casual wear and daily wear. Titanium material is lighter than stainless and precious metals K gold, as well as other materials. It is comfortable to wear, even though it is slightly larger than traditional watches.

The watch’s case back is decorated in a grade 5 titanium badge. Laser technology is used to engrave the “sonar logo” on the case back. To show that it is certified, the watch also has the words “Diver’s watch 6000m for saturation diving” (saturation dive watch 6000 meters).

Reef Tiger Gaia’s Light RT-2 Automat Men’s Watch# RGA90S7 – BSBN

The Gaia’s Light was designed and manufactured in Switzerland using a particulate blasting hexagonal steel skeleton. It measures 48mm. The diver watches cases and frames are made from 316L stainless steel. They are fine polished and have a natural metallic luster. The panel and rack were made by microbead blasting/grinding and then coated with black PVD. High quality Mohs 9 sapphire glass, scratch-proof and wear-resistant, with double convex lenses to zoom in the dial. Anti-glare coating on the lens.