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Professional diving watch – watch the ocean universe Ultra Deep 6000 meters

Last time we recommend Tissot watch this time we recommend another watch.OMEGA launched a new watch this year: the Ocean Universe Ultra Deep 6000m professional diving watch. This watch is so small that it has become an “amazing” size for ordinary people. Its waterproof depth is astonishing at 6000 meters. While some will argue that it is difficult to use, others feel that it fills the gap left by professional divers watches. Let’s take a closer look at the titanium version of this watch.

This is mainly due to four core technologies. The first is the domed convex SAPPHIRE glass. It is inspired by the porthole in the diving cabin. The second is Omega’s unique sapphire gasket design. It ensures waterproof performance, ease of assembly, and meets the requirements of long-term saturation diving operations. The screw-in crown seals the watch better. The fourth component is how the case back and case are assembled. These four points guarantee the watch’s deep diving performance to a great extent. They also reduce the watch’s size, making it a civil professional diving watch that consumers can choose.

There are many color options for the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 6000m. There is one titanium case among them. It is the black dial. The second hand is a gradient from blue to white.

The overall color match is harmonious. The watch’s bright accent is the white luminous coating. This watch is suitable for casual wear and daily wear. Titanium material is lighter than stainless and precious metals K gold, as well as other materials. It is comfortable to wear, even though it is slightly larger than traditional watches.

The watch’s case back is decorated in a grade 5 titanium badge. Laser technology is used to engrave the “sonar logo” on the case back. To show that it is certified, the watch also has the words “Diver’s watch 6000m for saturation diving” (saturation dive watch 6000 meters).

Reef Tiger Gaia’s Light RT-2 Automat Men’s Watch# RGA90S7 – BSBN

The Gaia’s Light was designed and manufactured in Switzerland using a particulate blasting hexagonal steel skeleton. It measures 48mm. The diver watches cases and frames are made from 316L stainless steel. They are fine polished and have a natural metallic luster. The panel and rack were made by microbead blasting/grinding and then coated with black PVD. High quality Mohs 9 sapphire glass, scratch-proof and wear-resistant, with double convex lenses to zoom in the dial. Anti-glare coating on the lens.

The model of the dress watch, it must be

Last time we recommend Piaget watch,this time we recommend Tissot watch.

Many friends still love sports watches. Tissot is one of these models.

The white dial was inspired by the Le Locle wall clock, which is located at the top of Le Locle bell tower. It features a central Paris-stud pattern and contrasts well with the satin clock bezel. The dial has a date display window at 3 o’clock. At 6 o’clock we can see the word “Le Locle”, in a floral body. It also has a retro charm at 6 o’clock. The back of the watch features Tissot’s distinctive “double window” transparent design. It is fitted with a silicon-free 80 movement hairspring. The movement’s power reserve is up to 80 hours. It can be taken off the watch at weekends, but it will still function normally when it is worn on Monday. The brand launched the Le Locle steel chain watch, which is similar to the leather strap. You can choose between the different styles, so you can make your choice. As a formal watch under 5,000 yuan this Tissot Lelock watch has an exceptional movement configuration, a durable design, and a long history. It is hard to compare it with watches at the same level as its rivals.

OBLVLO CM Series Mechanical Date Bracelet Watch-CM2-YWY

The 42mm size of the OBLVLO CM Series men’ s watch can show off your style and personality. It does not have complicated functions or fancy features, so it is easy to attract admirers’ attention. The OBLVLO CM series watch’s bezel has a double-arched design. This allows for the watch to look great even on a small wrist. The bezel is asteel. It is finished with stick markers and a black dial. The display is controlled via an OBLVLO 7500 Automat Movement. A stainless steel bracelet with deployment buckle keeps the watch secure to the wrist. Waterproof up to 100 meters

These “dress watches” born of sports are versatile enough

Last time we recommend Hublot BIG BANG watch,this time we recommend another watches.Watches and sports have a strong connection. Watch design draws inspiration from sports. Sports also use their uniqueness to display accurate timepieces. Many watch brands draw inspiration from sports. Jaeger LeCoultre’s Flip series was created originally for polo. Santos was made for professional flying sports and the Piaget Polo series was inspired from polo. Many of the most iconic watches we see today are a result of sports. Three sports-inspired watches that are versatile will be my recommendation today.

Piaget PIAGET POLO series G0A47014

Piaget’s Polo Series will be a popular choice for sports watches. Its sporty and elegant personality is well-remembered. Piaget’s new Polo series, which was launched this year, features a black dial with a black strap. It is also known as “Dark Warrior”. The watch’s unique one-piece case and bezel is matched with a “shape in-shape” head design. A 42mm stainless steel round case with a pillow-shaped dial makes it easily recognizable. The stainless steel dial is dominated by the black dial. Simple but elegant, the dial has a guilloche texture. Piaget’s Calibre 1110P self winding movement is used in the watch. It evolved from the Piaget 800-P self-winding mechanism, which was well-known for its strength. The watch has a second and date display, as well as a 50-hour power reserve.

Cartier Santos series W2SA0021

The Cartier birth of Santos watch is one of the most iconic watch series. It was originally made for professional pilots. Today’s avant-garde design features include the square and straight lines. The new Santos Series watch, launched this year, is made from stainless steel. The bezel is 18K rose gold with an softer color that neutralizes the steel’s toughness and makes it look great. It looks more expensive. The dial’s design is simple with blue steel hands and Roman numerals. Orbital scales are located on the dial’s outer edge. The watch’s mechanical movement, Cal.430MC, is hand-wound and has a 36-hour battery.

Reef Tiger Artist Grand Master Automat Mens Watch # RGA1980-PWS

The Grand Master  casual watch incorporates traditional elements. It measures 41mm in diameter and 10mm thick. The watch’s case has a soft texture and is elegant. The arc design and gear-shaped bezel head give it a retro feel. The Reef Tiger Grand Master watch is a sophisticated, high-end design. The power reserve indicator is located at the 10 o’clock spot on the dial. The RT7180 self winding movement has a 43 hour power reserve. At 3 o’clock, the date display is pointer-type. You can adjust the date using the accessory tool by pressing the correction button located at 2 o’clock on the watch case.

The ultimate luxury, three diamond-encrusted men’s watches of about 200,000 yuan are recommended

Last time we recommend Ulysse Nadin watch,this time we recommend another three watches.It can be said that the watch’s decorative qualities have outperformed its practical features from certain angles since its creation. Everyone’s decision will be influenced by the watch’s performance and appearance. Diamonds are a very popular choice for watches. The watch’s rigidity and glittering diamonds create a luxurious and stunning combination. Diamond-encrusted watches can be more difficult to find. Watch House today has three watches with diamonds encrusted for men, each priced at around 200,000 yuan. Friends with limited budgets can have a look at these watches.

Hublot BIG BANG 441.NX.1171.RX.1104

The Hublot BIGBANG series watches are easily recognizable and feature a hollow dial. The dial is not difficult to read, even though it looks complicated. The new Hublot Big Bang watch, made from titanium, has a polished and satin-finished case with a 42mm diameter. This is a good size for a sports watch. The bezel is made from titanium metal and contains 126 sparkling diamonds that weigh approximately 1.1 carats. This makes the watch even more eye-catching. This watch is easy to see at a glance. Feeling very strong. This watch features a factory-made HUB1280 UNICO self-winding chronograph movement with column wheel. It has a 72-hour battery life and can be submerged to 100 meters.

Cartier Santos series WJSA0020

Although gold and diamonds can be matched together in a way that is more common than platinum, it’s rare for them to be matched well. The Cartier Santos watch is made from 18K gold. The bezel contains 206 brilliant-cut, round diamonds totaling 0.64 carats. Platinum and diamonds can be stunning and sparkling, but gold and diamonds can be rich and luxurious. This watch has a simple, elegant dial that is silver-white with a sunray pattern and blue steel hands. The watch features a self-winding 1847MC mechanical movement that has a 42-hour power reserve and 100-meter water resistance.

Seattle Captain II Tourbillon RGA1667-YWY

The 40.5mm diameter seattle Captain II Men’s Watches can show off your style and personality. Seattle tourbillon’s bezel has a double-arched design. This makes the case lines less pronounced, making the watch look great even on a small wrist. A steel case is available for the watch. The steel bezel is included in the case. Stick markers are used to finish the dial. A Reef Tiger Tourbillon Automat Movement controls the display. Steel Bracelet and Deployment Buckle keep the watch secure to the wrist. Waterproof up to 50 meters

As expected of your Athens silicon material can be used as a disk?

Last time we recommend Omega Constellation Zunba Watch ,this time we recommend another watch.Many watch enthusiasts choose to check if the watch models they are using have silicon material. This is because it is light, antimagnetic and shock-proof, as well as having low friction. Athens watches are synonymous with silicon material. Athens was the first to introduce silicon material into the watchmaking market. They also invest in research and development for new applications such as groundbreaking Use it as a board or diamond silicon crystal technology.

Ulysse Nadin mixes silicon chips with traditional fine-work inlays. This is a new approach to decoration technology. The dial of the FREAK X watch, which was released last year, is made from silicon. First, you will need to cut silicon wafers using a plasma accelerator. Then, you will need to assemble the silicon wafers. The silicon wafers are fragile and thin so skilled craftsmen are needed to stack them to make the final collage. pattern.

The Freak X watch has a silicon dial. The UN-230 movement acts as the dial. The Carrousel device at the central bridge rotates 1 revolution per hour to show the time. We can see the part with the silicon fine work inlaid on it. This is the disk surface. However, the movement splint will also rotate with the core’s movement, so the time will flow and turn.

The silicon disk Freak X is a combination of two Athens’ most skilled skills, silicon material craftsmanship and watch art craftsmanship. It allows you to feel the real thing after it has been seen, static or dynamic. The Fantastic series’ sci-fi and cool feel have been elevated once more by.

OBLVLO CM Series Steel Automatic Watches Mens Tourbillon Watches CM-TWY

The 42m size of the OBLVLO CM Series mens automatic watches can show off your style and personality. It does not have complicated functions or fancy features, so it is easy to attract admirers’ attention. The OBLVLO CM series watch’s bezel has a double-arched design. This allows for more delicate lines, making it perfect for thin wrists.

The case has an asteel bezel. It is finished with stick markers. The display is controlled via an OBLVLO 7500 Automatic Movement. The watch is secured by a stainless steel bracelet with deployment buckle. Waterproof up to 100 meters

How to choose a watch for your parents when you are with your wrists?

This weekend marks the annual Father’s Day. Father’s love for us might not be as intense as mom’s and the expressions of love may be more profound. My father is still the one who loves us most. It’s a great idea to gift your father a watch and keep you close on special days such as Father’s Day. We recommend three different watches today. Let’s take a look at what other factors to consider when buying a watch for your dad.Last time we recommend IWC Portugal series,this time we recommend another watches.

Omega Constellation Zunba Watch

The brand recognition is an important factor when choosing a watch to gift a father. Omega enjoys a high level of national recognition. Because of its strength, the Zunba watch has been named the first master chronometer in the world under its constellation series. This watch is a highly sought-after masterpiece. The watch measures 39mm in size. The Zunba has a stainless steel case and a Sedna 18K Gold grooved bezel. The constellation star logo, hands, hour markers, and hands are also made from 18K and coated with Super-LumiNova luminescent coating. This watch is truly unique because of the sun-patterned blue dial. It was designed in the “pie plate” design, which was inspired from the original Constellation watch. The watch is elegant thanks to the blue strap and dial. The watch also features the Omega 8900 coaxial master Chronometer movement with a 60-hour power reserve function. This makes it very practical for everyday wear.

Omega Seamaster

Omega introduced the Planet Ocean watch line in 2005. The style of the Ocean Universe watch looks sportier than the Zunba model. The model features a scratch-resistant sapphire glass, a black ceramic dial featuring Arabic numerals and an indication window at three o’clock. For taller men, the 43.5mm stainless-steel case is better. The watch features a black ceramic unidirectional dial with an Omega Liquidmetal ™ diving scale, and a cogged screw down caseback. It also has a stainless steel bracelet with Omega extendable folding clasp. All of these are emblematic of the ocean universe. design. The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Masters Chronometer is water-resistant up to 60 atmospheres (600m/2000ft), making it suitable for fathers who enjoy exercising outdoors.

OBLVLO Tourbillon Skeleton Automat Steel Watch for Men VM–S-PWS

The 42m size of the OBLVLO VM–S Series Mens automatic watches can show off your style and personality without complicated functions. It could even attract admirers’ admiration.

The public price is 96,000, the “King of Formal Wear” of IWC, Portugal 7-day chain

The 46mm Dafei (larger pilot) is my favorite IWC. The 46mm Dafei is my favorite IWC because it embodies IWC’s history, design, and technology. This includes the history of IWC as a military aviation watch company during World War II. It also features IWC’s distinctive flight watch design style. It isn’t right for me, though it’s perfect. I am thin. After trying on a 46 Dafei I realized it was too large and not right for me. It was too big for me so I decided to transfer it.

The IWC Portugal series can be traced back as far as the 1930s. However, the IWC Portugal 7 day chain was launched in 2000. It is clear that IWC Portugal 7’s appearance in 2000 was not much different from the current Portuguese 7. The power display is located at the 3 o’clock position on the dial, while the small second hand is located at the 9 o’clock position. The dial features digital hour markers and willow-leaf hands. This watch’s layout has been in a perfect condition for over 20 years. You don’t need to make any changes, it is the original of the Portuguese 7.

IWC’s Portuguese 7-Day Chain is now available for sale at a price of 42mm (42.3mm). It measures 14.1mm thick. The Portuguese 7 is a formal watch and has a large 7-day power mechanism. It is therefore quite thick. I can live with the large size. The Portuguese 7 is extremely conspicuous once you start. The Portuguese 7 is a very distinctive watch. The Portuguese 7 case’s front is fully polished and the sides are brushed. This makes it very versatile and can be worn casually or formally.

Which one do you think is better, this watch or Rolex Explorer Watches?

Reef Tiger Artist Grand Master Automat Mens Watch # RGA1980-PWS

This watch is a man Causal watches .The Grand Master watch is a blend of traditional elements. Its 41mm diameter and thickness watch case has a soft texture. The arc design and gear-shaped bezel head give the watch a retro feel. The Reef Tiger Grand Master watch is a sophisticated, high-end design. The power reserve indicator is located at the 10 o’clock spot on the dial. The RT7180 self winding movement has a 43 hour power reserve. At 3 o’clock, the date display is pointer-type. You can adjust the date using the accessory tool by pressing the correction button located at 2 o’clock on the watch case.

Recommended Valentine’s Day Sports Watch for Husband

You won’t forget the annual 520! Many sisters worry about the gifts they should give to their husbands. Although different men will prefer different gifts, the watch is elegant and practical and is something that every man will accept.

Omega Seamaster Series

Omega Seamaster series is a well-known luxury brand in China and Switzerland. This watch features a beautiful design and excellent quality. It is waterproof to 300 meters and has an 8800 Master Chronometer movement. It also has a 55-hour battery reserve. It is also resistant against strong magnetic fields of 15,000 gauss. The hippocampus watch is a popular choice for diving and is one of the most sought-after styles in China. The traditional hippocampus design is maintained in the design. However, new elements of fashion trends can be observed. The dial surface is made from new technology zirconia ceramics ZrO2, with a wave-shaped engraving design and each indentation polished. To enhance the visual effect of observation, the minute and hour hands are inverted triangles. A stainless steel strap is a must-have for any automatic mechanical watch.

IWC Aquatimer Series IW376805 Watch

IWC is a well-known Swiss luxury brand of watches. The popular marine timepiece series IW376805 has also been a hit with Chinese. This watch is also the same as Zhang Liang, a supermodel in China, and Yang Shuo, a star of Chinese cinema. It is an automatic mechanical watch that measures 44mm in diameter and has a Cal.79320 motor with a 44-hour power reserve. The watch has a stainless steel case with rubber strap. It will not cause discomfort even when you sweat. It’s ideal for people who enjoy sports and diving.

Aurora Deep Ocean Mens Black Dial Black PVD Automatic Watch

The most durable and sturdy wristwatches, the Aurora Deep Ocean Mens Watches. Reef Tiger has created a new kind of wristwatch that is incredibly intricately crafted to further extend the Aurora Deep Ocean line. This combination of traditional sport watches with column-wheel flyback chronographs and deep diving allows for the most vivid interpretation. The new Aurora Deep Ocean Mens watches were inspired by deep-sea. This watch shows deep-sea life cycles and their reproduction with luminous ocean waves and a mechanical texture.

Our designer designed the Aurora Deep ocean series dial. It shows seafloor as a black hole. Perfectly matches the lighting effect is the glimmer texture shading. The glimmer texture shading shows black ocean gives birth to unlimited vitality. Its name is Deep Ocean.

Bulgari Serpenti Seduttori watch series

The new Serpenti Seduttori watch collection embodies the distinctive and recognizable snake mind that has been chosen by Bvlgari over 60 years ago. The emblem has since become among the greatest expressions in layout — a daring and dramatic nod to jewelry manufacture as well as the horological world. The words Serpenti Seduttori are Italian for”Seducing snakes” and the designs that feature inside this exclusive collection to Bvlgari, are typical of the organization’s alluring and captivating allure.

Bvlgari watches

Bvlgari wanted to express their fearlessness first and foremost — their fearless side that has by no mistake, come as a result of years and years of expertise and know-how. Bvlgari are confident and comfortable in what they know they could attain. This present reimagining of the cult Serpenti Bvlgari watches  comes in shades of gold. The Italian Maison’s number one aim was to create these versions valuable enough and worthy enough of earning time rely on the wrist for women all over the world — notably those in search of a timepiece to experience amazing moments in life with.

Bvlgari’s icon of seduction is not a new image. The business was modelling their watches and luxury jewelry pieces round the image of the snake’s mind for several decades. The famous drop-shaped watch head is currently more sensual than ever, dressed up on a new flexible necklace and crowned with a breath-takingly lovely cabochon-cut gemstone on the crown — a quality that points to Bvlgari’s DNA.

luxury watch

So, does this new and mesmerising collection mark a new chapter in the Roman jeweller’s production heritage? Yes, it does. The company have pushed boundaries once again and introduced numerous new and improved features to these models, maintaining the doctrine of the snake mind Bulgari chief watch fresh and interesting. Our collection comprises a total of 6 models — all of which we showcase inside our online Berry’s shop. The watches are also available for you to pop in and try on in one of our stalls to get a true feel for just how divine these timepieces seem when decorated into the wrist.



If your taste in watches stinks more towards rose gold fashions, you’ll be delighted to know that there’s two strong 18ct rose gold Serpenti Seduttori watches — one using a smooth polished bezel and the other drenched in glorious diamonds to get a more lavish finish upon the wrist. The plain rose gold Bvlgari Serpenti Seduttori watch is obviously, an perfect timepiece to choose if you are planning on wearing the watch with a wise work ensemble as well as at the weekend, although many may choose the diamond-encrusted model for sporting to special occasions.

Bulgari chief watch

View the Bvlgari Serpenti Seduttori 33mm 18ct Rose Gold Diamond Bezel Bracelet View hereWithin the Bvlgari Serpenti Seduttori watch collection, there is also a plain stainless version with a smooth polished bezel and an 18ct white gold model which welcomes the addition of elegant blued steel hands as well as diamond decoration round the bezel. There is also a plain rose gold and stainless steel bi-colour variant and one, once more, with a showering of diamonds to the bezel. Whether opting for a diamond pave version or a plain design, a 30 meter water resistant case and a high precision quartz movement is really a given. The gold and silver stainless steel bracelets that have been inspired by the first Serpenti Mens Designer Watches by Bvlgari, feature perfectly integrated hyperlinks that promise uncompromised comfort against the skin. The links feature an eye-catching hexagonal pattern and have been finished with a cushioned grip for draping effortlessly around the contours of the wrist.

Other modifications are implemented into the design of this Serpenti Seduttori watch. The cases have never been so thin, helping you to wear one underneath a blouse or a wise suit . Depending upon the design, Bvlgari pros and artisan designers choose either a blue sapphire or a pink rubellite gemstone to adorn the surface of the crown.

Rolex Explorer Watches

There’s no doubt that the Rolex Explorer is one of the most durable watches created by the Rolex . Since the 1950s, it’s become the opinion of choice for adventurers and world explorers. These functions are encapsulated in this handsome watch having a long history and style.

Rolex Explorer watch
The descendants of Rolex Explorer can withstand temperatures from –20˚C into 40 overC without harm. In reality, due to its durability and timeless design, it has become among the most treasured timepieces handed down from generation to generation. There are many rumors surrounding this particular Rolex Explorer watch, such as a prototype, for use by famous climbers who reach the top of the mountain. Mount Everest. These can be found in white and black and are primarily sold in North America. 10 years following the birth of Rolex Explorer, it introduced a new model and has a 1560 motion. Old and new fans were amazed, because the product did not launch an upgraded version till 1989. The main difference between the new version and also the first model is the massive change in the motion and the stylish Oyster bracelet. To get a timepiece that’s already so lasting, any additional improvements are very welcome.

Rolex watch

However, when it was announced in 1989 that the Explorer would no longer be generated, fans of Rolex Explorer Explorer were not frustrated. What they didn’t understand was that the new and enhanced Rolex Explorer II has been fabricated. Model 14270 was unveiled and showed a new and improved case, a recently conceived movement and improved sapphire glass. It’s also outfitted with a 3000 caliber, which considerably enhances the total performance of the timepiece. This expands the watch that’s been considered the highest performance to a more effective unit, that has been bringing many fans, professionals and even competitors.

Mens Watches
Nowadays, the Rolex Explorer is as amazing as ever. To get a timepiece specially intended for a particular purpose, it can turn into a stable watch regardless of when and where, the Rolex Explorer is the crystallization of the master’s philosophy, along with the essentials are all incorporated into the exceptional view series. This really is the epitome of the contemporary conqueror, who occupies and lives for experience, living in a world that he can truly call himself. The Rolex Explorer is a family heirloom which may be passed from 1 adventurer into another, but nevertheless accomplishes its purpose, that is, durable enough to withstand the shifting trends of life, and elegant enough to withstand the shifting trends.