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The Latest Omega Constellation Collection

Unlike its siblings, this group celebrates delicacy in its design, together with accuracy and precision in its own making. First introduced in 1952, the Omega Constellation was a flagship timepiece for Omega, started as the Centenary bit to celebrate the 100th birthday of Omega.
It was in the aftermath of demand, and revelry of the Omega Constellation watch, the brand introduced a lineup to precede its magnificence. Exceptional diamond-shaped hour markers were featured by the models, rose body, using a pie-pan fashion dial. However the watch set exudes a much modern yet sophisticated appearance, with dynamic features resonating with the legacy design elements of Omega.
The Omega Constellation caseback with the Genenva Observatory motifThe current collection features around 25 variations of the Omega Constellation for guys. There is one characteristic, which is that the hand-engraved imagery of the Geneva Observatory on the metal caseback, together with eight stars forming a semi-circle over it.