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As the name suggests, casual watches are more versatile watches.

As the name suggests, a casual watch is a more versatile watch. It is suitable for your usual weekend party or warm family gathering without too much pressure on the business field, and you do n’t have to show your status and financial strength at all times. At this time, it is recommended not to choose a watch that is too thin, which is easy to collide and rub against the watch; at the same time, it is also not recommended for precious metals. You can let yourself go without thinking about a precious watch on your hand.
Now more and more people want to find a moment of leisure in their busy work and find their own time. At this time, no formal watch or sports watch is needed, and a simple and applicable casual watch is the most suitable. If the formal watch is a comrade-in-arms or partner in the men’s professional business field, then the mens casual watch is like the woman behind the man, accompanying you with a pleasant day.
Finally, it is true that mobile phone time is very convenient, but mobile phone time is never worth the watch. Of course, you can also understand that wearing a watch is for dressing, which is understandable. After all, who is wearing it more or less?

What are the differences between watch materials?

The strap made of metal exudes a dazzling luster, and it is worn on the wrist to give a very high-level feeling, which can create the charm of your gentleman. Thanks to the durability of the metal material, the mechanical mens sports watches of this strap generally have a relatively long life cycle, which is more convenient to clean up. However, the metal watch strap has a relatively big disadvantage, that is, it is easy to wear the wrist when wearing it. In addition, if the metal strap is in contact with the skin for a long time, the sweat oozing from the skin will make the strap tarnish and even rust.
Compared with metal materials, leather straps have better skin-friendly and more comfortable to wear on the wrist. The surface of the leather strap has a certain gloss and texture, and it looks very textured. Its raw materials can be divided into two kinds of artificial leather and genuine leather, artificial leather is more environmentally friendly, and genuine leather is more durable. The disadvantages of leather straps should not be ignored. Compared with metal materials, leather straps are prone to wear and breakage. Moreover, if this strap is not dried in time after being wetted with water, it will be moldy or aging.
In recent years, as young people’s enthusiasm for mechanical watches has gradually increased, canvas straps have become particularly popular. Compared with metal and leather, canvas has a higher plasticity in the process of making straps. By adding color contrast, embroidery and other designs, the whole sports mens watch looks more personal. Although the canvas strap has good comfort and breathability when worn, it also has corresponding shortcomings-canvas often appears to be fluffed or stained by sweat and stains, so care should be taken to maintain and maintain certain cleaning frequency.

How to tell whether the watch is genuine or high imitation?

There are a lot of high imitation mens skeleton watches now, and good high imitation watches are almost the same as genuine watches. At least people who don’t know much about watches will certainly not be able to distinguish them. It’s so good, but its price is a fraction of the price of a genuine watch, or even a tenth. For us novices, it is not so easy to buy a watch.


If you want to buy a genuine watch, you must buy it in a regular watch store, otherwise you will be pitted. The following editor will tell you how to identify whether the watch is genuine or high imitation. Looking at the movement, the identification of the movement should be based on a very familiar with the movement model and movement logo used by the real watch.

For example, a skeleton sports watch, you should carefully observe the movement, the real watch carving is clear and beautiful, the fake watch is rough and simple. Finally, a thorough understanding of the performance of the movement, such as the winding method and the sound of the movement, will help you to add points to the recognition.

Why are hollow watches more expensive than ordinary watches?

People who love watches will choose a mechanical watch for themselves, why do they like it? Some people answer because of the respect for mechanical beauty, but many mechanical watches can’t see the movement, is it a pity?
It is very tested. A skeleton watch requires great wisdom from watchmakers, which not only protects the performance of the watch, but also increases the beauty of the mechanical movement.
It is people’s nostalgia for the original handicraft, it represents the most primitive power and the most primitive handwork art.Many brand departments make hollows because the beauty of the watches is difficult to grasp. Furthermore, they also have a great impact on the performance of some mens watches, such as waterproof and shockproof, and finally, hollow out and thin mechanical movement parts to the movement.
It is very tested. A skeleton watch requires great wisdom from watchmakers, which not only protects the performance of the watch, but also increases the beauty of the mechanical movement.

Time knowledge of mechanical watches

The allowable error range of the mechanical watch is ± 45 seconds / day. The average error range of the movement certified by the observatory is between -4 seconds / day and +6 seconds / day. The specific error depends on the movement used by the watch.


Not according to the principle that the higher the price is, the smaller the error is, the power source of the automatic mechanical watch is that the swing of the wearer’s wrist generates energy to wind the mainspring. A fully wound automatic mens watch can continue to run for about 35 hours: if it is guaranteed to be worn daily Under the circumstances, it can be operated for about 15 hours.

black-men-watchesIf it is not worn for more than the above time or the swing is insufficient (the wearer has little exercise), the watch will stop. It is recommended that you wind the watch before wearing it again.