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Nomos Watches: Challenging the Industry One Calibre at a Time

Nomos watches are a few in the marketplace of the finest timepieces of today. Proven by layouts, each watch is masterfully crafted in Glashütte. Not merely do they recognise design components on watchmaking but they also supply a spin. You recognise the brand’s innovative designs that are yet understated. As an example, the Metro and Tangente models are two of the most enviable collections of the brand. Nomos Glashütte — or nomos, the official brand name of the brand — wasted no time in rising up the ranks despite it being fresh. They’ve produced designs which will become their most powerful stage that was competitive. Below, find out more about the design, its beginnings, and the brand that suits you.
Nomos Watches Through the Years Nomos matches with its beginnings in 1990 before getting the biggest manufacturer of mechanical timepieces in Germany. At a Saxon town in Glashütte, Roland Schwertner founded the newest soon. But for Schwertner, constructing the brand did not come easy like every story. For a brand to add”Glashütte” in its name, it should produce 50 percent of its calibre in Glashütte. Nomos-Uhr-Gesellschaft failed to fulfill that. The newest found its end in 1910. Copyright: NOMOS Glashütte Together with fervour and belief at the industry, the brand was revived by Schwertner. Nomos Glashütte. While the brand nevertheless had”Glashütte” in the name, Schwertner focused on crafting the majority of the calibre in Glashütte. In order to maintain the brand working, Nomos developed its calibres in-house. The brand claims 95 integration of in-house mechanics in its calibres today. This considerably surpasses the government’s 50 per cent requirement. Nomos became known for its innovative vision and implementation of watchmaking. More than 300 the brand runs. This, therefore, creates its process more streamlined versus other brands. Not only does it create most of its parts but the newest also assures that almost everything is handmade. Experts that are dedicated focus on each part, from milling plates to calibres. Each Nomos watch on the market embodies a watchmaker’s effort and attention to detail. However, with inventions we might expect components built by and through machines. Laser technology and machines add precision to every one of the watches that the brand creates.
Showcasing Nomos’ German Innovations Using its general achievement in the industry, Nomos remains optimistic to be independent. The brand used parts and escapements allowed for by a firm. While the company have crafted layouts with this nutritional supplement, Nomos explored. The brand began the development its own escapement. This is to improve German craftsmanship but to become independent. The DUW 3001 Calibre For many years, the newest surfaced on this, and crafted, designed. Until 2014, in Baselworld, Nomos unveiled the Nomos Swing System. The new escapement was launched, powering among its most prominent designs. Nomos attained a feat that not even the biggest companies can do: an in-house escapement, produced in series. The accomplishment was compared by CEO Uwe Ahrendt to the feeling of landing. This helped split the niche in the watch the industry of the brand –like saying it’s here to stay. Since that time, Nomos equipped its calibres with the swing system. However, Nomos doesn’t cease when it comes to innovation. Shortly after the production of this Nomos Swing System, its neomatik calibres are launched by the newest. The DUW 3001 is a finer, more elegant watch standard for motions. The DUW 3001 is further improved by the DUW 6101 .
Crafts and Dedication, Recognized It’s not a simple feat to win an award in an industry that’s mostly technical and evolving. But Nomos does it like breathing. As a part of the Association of Craftsman, only high quality designs are produced by the newest. In fact, the brand has more than 160 awards. Award-giving bodies like the Red Dot Design Awards and the Style Awards recognise that the brand’s artistry and expertise. The brand is a known collaborator of designers such as Werner Aisslinger and Mark Braun not to mention.