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How the Rolex Day-Date Became the Ultimate Power Watch affordable

Anyone who clips onto a Rolex Day-Date each morning likely has a story to tell –especially if they have been wearing it since the 1980s, if it stood for something larger than the sum of its (silver or gold ) parts. His group soon grew in classic’80s style, he shut a big deal and made a decision to invest 10 percent of his profits on”pure foolishness.” Shortly, his collection comprised not just Rolex bits, but whatever he found interesting, from Seiko to Hamilton — even a couple of tank watches. Nevertheless, while his 30-plus piece collection was stolen from the’90s, he gave up and then wore Swatch watches for 20 years.
After the collecting bug bit for a second time, Karl chose to focus on this Day-Date, primarily because the countless variations of the single version made collecting infinitely more intriguing. For Karl, the hugely popular Datejust is just like a junior member of the firm, whereas the Day-Date has been, and always will be, the boss. These days, a fresh Day-Date starts at about $35,000, but Karl prefers to collect models in the’80s and’90s, which mostly range from $8,000 to $12,000, based on condition and the rarity of its attributes. He now has 17 Day-Dates in his collection, also appreciates the range of dials, markers and hands which were available 40 years ago but can not be found on current versions.
“The’80s was the bling age,” he clarifies. “Along with the Day-Date was the bling watch of the decade, since Rolex just sold it in precious metals. Back thenthere have been also pages of options. You could get dials in walnut, birch, mahogany or lacquer’Stella’ dials in flamingo pink or cab yellow — even stone dials. Despite the seemingly unlimited options, it was the’80s — folks wanted more. Yuppie culture grew out of a time when surplus was encouraged. People would purchase a gold or platinum Day-Date, then have it personalized into a nugget watch, occasionally placing diamonds all over it. If you were a Wall Street guy, you’re expected to show off that you’re a master of the universe at 24.”

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Jacek Kozubek is an authority in the sphere of classic Rolex watches through his retail website, tropicalwatch.com. He believes that gold Rolex watches have always been a power transfer. “More so from the’80s and’90s,” he explains,”when owning gold things has been a bigger deal because gold had more of a financial value.”
Jacek agrees the hottest of the golden versions in the’80s was constantly the Day-Date, nicknamed”The President” due to this bracelet. “That version was the pinnacle apparel watch Rolex made,” he tells us.
Although some people could blame the success of Rolex in the 1980s to smart marketing campaigns, Jacek believes people wore Rolex watches since”they were fantastic and worked. I believe by designing a great product it turned into a style icon — not a style icon because of some ads.”
In the 1970s, the so-called”quartz catastrophe” threatened to create automatic watches look obsolete. This is when Jacek considers Rolex took center stage. By being pushed out of this tool-market class due to how quartz watches kept better time and were less expensive, Rolex went from being practical items to objects of need.

“The’80s can be when matters became ultra disposable,” he states. “I’ve met many clients that stopped wearing these watches simply since their quartz counterpart was more pragmatic. So brands like Rolex watches went upscale so as to conserve the craft.”
Rolex Day-Date aficionado Karl was gifted his first Day-Date in the early’80s, when he was in his twenties. “I felt too young to put on it, I was humiliated. Though I did wear it to big businesses where they might attempt to intimidate me. Now guys wear it with shorts or jeans and they are right, we were wrong — there aren’t any rules. The Day-Date is still viewed as a sign of success, however they’re not as popular as the Daytonas or even Submariners. But back in the’80s, nobody cared about the steel professional versions. Most collectors then desired Bubblebacks.”

The quartz watch in this review is called “TwentySeventeen light fashion quartz watch”

The quartz watch in this review is called “TwentySeventeen Light Fashion Quartz Watch”, and currently has three styles: elegant black, beautiful silver, and technology black. (Hereinafter referred to as: light fashion quartz watch)
Now I am showing you elegant black and beautiful silver style! In terms of the factory standard, in addition to the watch, there is also a description card (warranty card), but I will not show it in detail here. The light and stylish quartz watch is positioned as “a unique fashion item”, not a smart watch, but a fashion item! The whole watch adopts the “two-pin simple and unprinted design”, which gives a simple and pure feeling. I personally like this “unprinted design”. I don’t know what you think?
The hand strap of the light and stylish mens quartz watch is also equipped with a “luminescent luminous coating”, that is, you can see the hand clearly when there is no light at night! In addition, the light fashion quartz watch also has the characteristics of “30 meters of life waterproof”. The waterproof level of 3ATM ensures that it is used in daily life scenarios such as hand washing and face washing. The case of the light fashion quartz watch is made of “316L steel”, and “mechanical brushed surface texture” is also applied. According to official information, the use of such a texture design is to present the original and true side of steel.

If the economy allows, try these men’s watches, fashion will not be outdated

For men, it’s really a big deal to have empty hands. I believe everyone understands the importance of Quartz Watches for a mature man. If your economic conditions permit, you may wish to try these men’s watches.
The first steel belt watch has many practical functions, enough for men to put it down, stylish and cool appearance, dual calendar function is particularly practical. It is a simple and low-key watch, beautiful and handsome. The second fully automatic mechanical watch combines time and vision, beautiful design, clean lines and exquisite workmanship, showing masculinity and courage in the hand, the buckle is single-folded, which is more convenient to wear. You have a general sense of grade. The third mechanical watch has a strong sense of fashion. The overall lines and flawless details add to the watch’s atmospheric charm. It is the quality choice for successful men. The atmosphere of the style makes the mens Quartz Watches very textured.
The design of the fourth new concept mechanical watch is simple but not simple. The elegantly selected classic models are equipped with stable and powerful movements, high quality, accurate travel time, overall generous fashion, charm increased, and wear a man-only temperament. The design elements of the fifth casual men’s watch are relatively novel, detonating men’s hormones. Perfectly matching various complex craftsmanship, elegant and refined choices, let you show men’s character all over the world, this is an atmospheric men’s style watch, simple and elegant shape versatile fashion, suitable for attending all occasions.